The Breeders' Forum supports and represents the interests of British breeders of racing greyhounds.

We support breeders by promoting events, competitions and incentives for British bred greyhounds, as well as seeking funding to enhance the quality of litters bred.

We encourage high standards of welfare, with members encouraged to follow our code of ethics. We welcome new members, not only breeders, but anyone who wishes to add their support to British breeding.

We welcome new ideas and feedback in order to further encourage British breeding and improve the success of British bred greyhounds.

Our main events are the British Bred Derby, Sprint, Oaks, Marathon, Puppy Oaks as well as the Breeders Stakes and Produce Stakes. We also provide £2,000 to the greyhound lasting the longest in the Derby, prizes for top trainers and breeders and also £500 to British Greyhounds reaching Category 1 finals (dog fishing best if more than 1). Please note we class British Bred Greyhounds as those NOT just carrying a British earmark, but those that were earmarked in Britain.


St Leger final 2016

British Bred Derby 2016

Tru Frame British Bred Oaks 2016

British Bred Sprint 2016

Dean Childs

Dean Childs British breeding program.

British Breeders Stakes 2015

Swindon Produce Stakes 2015